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ProCountor – Useful For Everyone

ProCountor is a web-based financial administration software (in Finnish:

taloushallinto ohjelma) that is available for use anytime and any place. Starting to use the software is easy and fast, and you automatically receive all version updates, back-ups and the safe-keeping of all of your data. Adding new users is quick and free so the software can be taken into use for the entire company. Additionally, you receive a complimentary Helpdesk service and a comprehensive online manual.

Digital notifications, Salaries and Bookkeeping

Creating and digitally distributing monthly and annual notifications to authorities is managed directly from ProCountor’s monthly bookkeeping. Also taking care of notification related payments can be easily managed easily through the software with integrated bank connections.


ProCountor is also an easy-to-use and effective salaries management software with which you can calculate and pay salaries and all related notifications to the authorities. All related legal payments are updated automatically to the software. Creating travel expenses by everyone in the company is easily possible with personal accounts, also from on the road. ProCountor automatically updates all valid daily allowances and mileage compensation which makes creating travel expenses a breeze.

When using ProCountor, bookkeeping is created automatically. Each receipt from all sales invoice statements is automatically transferred to bookkeeping (in Finnish: kirjanpito) when saving changes and thanks to a clever automation bookkeeping is always up to date. ProCountor’s default account mapping, default accounting and internal account cost tracking can be modified according to your company’s specific needs.

Management Reporting and Tracking


The software includes comprehensive bookkeeping reports and a wide range of financial reporting tools for management. Among these are customer and product specific reports, monetary traffic and payment reports, and project and cost centre tracking reports that enable internal financial reporting. ProCountor also includes CRM tools.

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